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OBJECTIVE:  To gain a position as a Technical Artist where I can bring my art skills, strong attention to detail, personal enthusiasm for video game development and willingness to teach into the team. (Willing to relocate)

Willing to relocate if necessary



      Unreal Ed 2.0 to 4.0

      Autodesk 3DS Max 7.0 to 2012

      Adobe Photoshop, 7.0 to CS 3

     Autodesk Mud Box

      Test Track Pro


      Speed Tree CAD 4.1 to 5.1

Programming / Scripting:



      Max Script

Acony Games: Bullet Run 
Villingen, Germany                                                                      05/10 to   02/13

Senior Technical ArtistCore duty was Unreal Engine troubleshooting and support.

  • Worked with Bullet Run from concept to shipping and post launch maintenance / development.
  • Compiled a detailed evaluation of the pros and cons of using UE4 for a new unannounced project.
  • Analyzed and documented the current manner in which the game content was set up and made. recommendations on improvements to the art pipeline and Unreal assets setup.
  • Worked closely with the programming team to help in upgrading our Unreal code base from August 2008 to December 2011.
  • Re-developed the current  parent material instance system to be more streamlined and less shader instruction intensive.
  • Debugged and optimized both the levels and art using Windows PIX, NVIDIA Perf HUD, and Intel’s GPU Analyzers.
  • Developed 3Ds Max scripts to aid artists in faster content creation when dealing with creating collision and Light Map UVW’s.
  • Created and or tweaked 3D assets and their textures as needed to make the levels look in line with the current vision of the game.

Magic Lamp Studios Ltd (Contract Work) Peterborough, United Kingdom           01/11 to 03/11 
Senior Technical Artist - Core duty was Unreal Engine troubleshooting and support.

  • Built a material parent system to speed up shader development time.
  • Consulted on what various features of the Unreal Engine that Magic Lamp could use to help achieve the customer’s vision.
  •  Provided ongoing technical support for Magic Lamps various projects using the Unreal Engine.

Fire Sky: Star Gate Stargate Resistance  Mesa, Arizona                    07/09 to 04/10
Senior Technical Artist - Core duty was Unreal Engine troubleshooting and support.

  • Implemented Unreal’s new Global Illumination system, Lightmass, into the art pipeline.
  • Setup and deployed Unreal’s SWARM network rendering management system.
  • Developed a parent material instance system to speed up the workflow of the artist.
  • Implemented many of Unreal’s cutting edge level effects that include dynamic cloth and water simulations as well as the use of dominance lights for field distance shadows.
  • Debugged and optimized the levels and art using both Windows PIX and NVIDIA Perf HUD.
  • Helped customers post launch with a range of technical issues from the game to starting to how to up date drivers.


Fire Sky: Star Gate Worlds MMO  Mesa, Arizona                                08/07 to 07/09
Technical Artist - Core duty was character pipeline upkeep and maintenance.

  • Was promoted from a tech intern to full time technical artist after internship was completed.
  • Tested the weekly game builds to ensure that the art department’s tools were in working order. 
  • Helped to create, implement, track and responsible for maintaining the character asset pipeline.
  • Imported, packaged, linked and tested all weapons, MOB’s, NPC's, and the entire collection of player armor. 
  • Wrote detailed tutorials that explained the correct use of the in-house character tools within Unreal.
  • Designed many of the tools used for character creation in both the Unreal Ed and the live version of the game.


N.E.R.D.S.: Atari 2600 Title    Mesa, Arizona                                                                         03/07 – 07/07

Designer/Programmer/Artist - Core duty was programming

  • Completed commissioned project within the strict 5 month deadline, overcoming many challenges that are prevalent when dealing with older technologies and little available support.
  • Created and designed the art and the code to fit within a 5KB maximum size parameter.
  • Delivered the game on time for the release at the 2007 Retro Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Design, Collins College, Tempe, AZ                          02/04 – 07/06

  • Received Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Video Game Design, with a primary focus on technical art and game scripting.
  • Helped to establish the first Game Design student tutoring program that involved students helping other students with their projects.



  • Received the Collins College Alumni Award (2007) presented to the alumni that accomplishes outstanding work after graduation.
  • Invited back to be a Guest lecturer on video game design at Collins College talking to new classes about what it takes to make games.
  • Work is featured in Collins College advertisements and on their website.

Here is a version of the resume above for you to download.

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