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Completed Work

The above images highlight just some of the work that I did while working on Bullet run. In the first image you can see some of the background work that I did. From the rocks to the trees and the textures I created all of it. I also had to create a shader the used vertex paint to paint the rock textures by hand as that gave a better result than generating in in 3Ds Max or World Machine. I used 3Ds Max to create the rocks and trees and Photoshop to generate the textures. The normal map textures were generated using Crazy Bump

The next images that see are for a weapon that I was tasked with creating. The weapon I made was based on the Mac-11 but ended up being called the SAM-11. I used 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Crazy Bump to  create this asset. 

Bip_Exporting_Tool_00.jpg - This is a visual walk through for a tool that I was working on to speed up my work flow.  This was made to speed up the exporting of the .BIP information and was used on over 1,000 files. Once completed these .BIP files where then sent to the animation outsource for reference when making the rest of the animations for the game.

Collision_Bugs_00.jpg - This is a compilation of collision bugs that I found while I was a world building intern and later fixed
when I was moved in  to my art internship.

SGR-Log_In_Map_00.jpg - This screen shot is from the Stargate Resistance log in page. This shot showcases how we integrated into our pipeline many of the newest features that Unreal has to offer. Some of these features include the use of Dominance Lights in conjunction with Lightmass to achieve field distance shadows and Dynamic Fluid Surface actors for the gate puddle. 
Stargate_World_04,05,06.jpg - The following set of images was something I was tasked with making for the April and June issues of Game Informer and PC Gamer magazines.  The scenes needed to be setup in a manner that was consistent with how the end game will be played.  I was given full control of this project only having to follow a few guide lines about what assets and world was to be used. The scene setup and player/enemy placement was all done by me and took about two weeks from start to finish.
Stargate_Worlds_01.jpg - This was an area that I was working on in my off time to test my hand making POI's. This was for a city in the game that due to time restrictions was cut/put off till a later date.

Stargate_Worlds_02 & 03.jpg - This was the first set of POI's that we began testing light and shadow mapping  with Unreal 3.0. This was to show off our progress at Comic Con 2008 and was one of the first things that I worked on when I was promoted to full time from tech art intern.

N.E.R.D.S_00 - This was a project that I was contracted for by Atari the company). The game its self presented many unique challenges which included the very strict five month deadline so that the game could be released at the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo in  Las Vegas. Making a game with a dead programing language presented an very unique and challenging task due to the little support and even less documentation on how to use the tools effectively. Finally and probably the biggest challenge to over come was making the game fit with in the 5 KB size limitation and still have a game that was fun to play, entertaining, and had sound.

N.E.R.D.S_01 - This is an actual in game screen shot of the N.E.R.D.S. In this shot you can see the ship and the viruses that you have to destroy in order to save the president. At the bottom of the screen you can see the score counter which gives you 100 points per kill. Originally a high score menu was planed but do to hardware limitations this could not be done as one you can not write that information anywhere and two the game was to full to even store that information if it was possible.

You can see the game in all its 8-bit glory here at,
S.E.E.D_01, 02, 04 .jpg - This is from a Unreal 2004 Mod called S.E.E.D. For this mod I was tasked with making the following level as well as doing all the technical  work to optimize the level to achieve the best frame rates while still looking good.  In the end we achieved a steady frame rate above 30 FPS without having to scarify and of the visual ascetics of the level.
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