Technical Artist

02.15.13 - Check out my new game Bullet Run.

02.19.13 - I started work on my own game that has nothing to do with Unreal. It's going to be something in the sandbox style of games and when I have more information about the game I will post it to here. Stay tuned!!!

03.01.13 - Bullet Run is no more and to make matters worse Acony is no more as well. Its a very sad time in my life but we will see what happens. 

04.01.13 - I started a blog about my life and what I have been going trying to get a new job in this dog eat dog world of game development. Here is a link to the blog. 

Whats the Haps

04.26.13 - Adding some new content to site from my work on Bullet Run. 

Bullet Run

Bullet Run - Is a fast-paced FPS where you play a contestant in a deadly TV show where you compete with other for fame and glory modern gladiator style! 

Unfortunately Bullet Run is no more. Thanks to all the fans the played it I had a lot of fun making it and playing it with you all. 

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